Holistic Lifestlyle Coaching

After a 9 year break from wellness coaching, “my door” is once again open.

I no longer focus on Naturopathy, but on the “four letter word” – lifestyle.

All unhealthy lifestyle choices are best described as addictive behavior. The hardest to quit, are the behaviors that are “normal.”

I offer my time with you as a gift. If you feel a desire to give me a gift in return, there are many ways that can happen. (Paypal, Venmo, Bitcoin…)

My preference for all coaching is face to face (masks, social distancing & vaccinations heavily discouraged) at Garden in the Woods, or any of the beautiful walking trails in the Framingham area.

I am willing to travel anywhere in the world, providing my travel expenses are covered.

We can also use video (Skype, Zoom etc).

Regular Appointments can be scheduled between 12 noon & 5 pm sending a text message or voicemail to 1.508.207.8129

You are welcome to join me for my daily walk at 10 AM (ideally anyway lol). I most frequently go to the Garden in the Woods in Framingham. I recommend checking with me the day before to confirm that is where I will be walking…or to see if I may be away for a family event or some other adventure.

My membership at the Garden allows me to have up to 4 guests. If you would like to support the parent non-profit, you can pre-pay for a day pass or become an annual supporter here: